Environmental Compliance

  1. Cross Connection

    Get information about cross connection contamination.

  2. Engineering Services

    Engineering Services is responsible for identifying and completing water infrastructure projects needed to maintain water and sewer service.

  3. FOG

    Check out information about the department's role in managing fats, oils, and grease.

  4. Industrial Pretreatment

    Industrial waste can damage infrastructure, expose personnel to hazardous chemicals, or interfere with treatment plant operations.

  5. Lead and Copper Program

    The City of Irving has a lead and copper testing program performed every three years.

  6. Stormwater

    The major source of pollutants to our water supply is stormwater runoff.

  7. Waste Haulers

    One of the most common causes of failure in our city sewer system is blockage by grease.

  8. Water Quality

    To assure our water is safe, Water Utilities test the water thousands of times each month.