City Source

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Do you know what Irving city government has to offer? The answer may surprise you. Tune in to ICTN's City Source so you don't miss out on what's going on in your neighborhood.

October 1 - October 14

There is another addition to Irving’s Toyota Music Factory. On this episode of “City Source,” go inside Bar Louie. Also, see the multi-million dollar rides that were part of the Luxury and Supercar Showcase at the Four Seasons. Those stories, plus improvements to water and wastewater systems, on “City Source.”

October 15 - October 28

Whole Foods is now open in Irving. On the next “City Source,” see what shoppers are finding inside. Also, people turn out along the Mandalay Canal for a touching tribute to domestic violence. See what event organizers are doing to increase awareness. Those stories, plus how neighborhoods are marking National Night Out, on the next episode of “City Source.”
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