The Tool Shed

Inside the Shed

Imagine having a comfortable chair, a wall of reference books, and a raft of useable tools in a tool shed in your backyard. It would be your very own quiet place where you could create and plan your favorite projects, keep just the right tools for a particular job, and house those bits of information needed to assure the success of your project.

This is just what we hope to make of the KIB tool shed and reading room. It will be a place for you to find the E-project tools and information you may need.

The Tool Shed area will include event planning guides, teachers’ guides, lists of environmental activities for youth, and much, much more. The Reading Room area will be a bit different as it will become a multimedia platform for us to offer reading and study materials on a variety of subjects from behavioral science to so-called environmental courts.

Some resources will be directly viewable here on the KIB site. Most will come in the form of telephone “800” toll-free hotlines or “e-links” to environmental resources on the Internet. KIB makes every attempt to refer you only to known, reputable sites. However, we cannot guarantee that any given website or download is free of viruses, so you simply must take care of yourself by getting a good virus shield for your own computer.

Over time, the KIB tool shed and reading room will be molded by your feedback and requests. So, please, let us know how we are doing and how our environmental library could be more helpful to you.

City Codes

Access Irving’s City codes online. On this site, you can use keyword searches to find the local laws and provisions you are interested in viewing.

Earth Day Network

The Earth Day Network website has a wide variety of activities and educational resources, most of which are easily downloadable to your computer. They include: Ecological Footprint, Community Environmental Health, About Earth Day and Earth Day Network

Earth Day Ideas from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ)

This is not a high quality image and we are working on providing a much better one immediately. Meanwhile, please do what you can!

Education, K-12, from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

The TCEQ Education team, a winner of the EPA Region 6 Regional Administrator's Environmental Excellence Award for Outstanding Commitment to Furthering Environmental Education in the State of Texas, serves as the clearinghouse for TNRCC's education projects for teachers in kindergarten through 12th grade. The team develops and coordinates K-12 resource materials and training programs. There are a wide range of resources for teachers here such as “Air, Water, Land: Find Out What You Can!” At another TCEQ site are many TES lesson plans for a range of environmental subjects such as:

School Events- Projects for Entire School Event

  • Texas Recycles Day
  • Earth Day Events

Environmental Games

  • Air Pollution Baseball
  • It's Not Trivia
  • Recycling Bingo
  • Ready Set Go Recycling
  • Environmental Jeopardy

Environmental Information Sheet

This is a short (two-page), information-filled flyer from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) and downloadable in PDF format for ready printing.
  • What is an environmental crime?
  • Why is fighting environmental crime important?
  • What crimes am I most likely to find?
  • Where can I find state statutes along with environmental crimes?
  • What if I find barrels or a spill?
  • Who should I contact for assistance?
  • How are local, state, and federal governments working together?
  • What local, state and federal governments are on the Texas Environmental Enforcement Taskforce?

Event Planner

Event Planning: A truly excellent, thorough, 28-page event planner. This particular guide focuses on Texas Recycles Day and has many fine examples for that event. At the same time, this is a very well-done planning guide for ANY event from plantings to cleanups to, well, a good-sized birthday party!

How to Organize a Neighborhood Clean Up

A thorough and thoughtful yet short document to help lead you through twelve (12) steps to a successful and effective cleanup in your neighborhood or area.

Texas Environmental Laws

The State of Texas’ state statutes do not yet have a ready access to “all environmental laws.” Laws bearing on a particular environmental issue may be found in numerous sites throughout the statutes. In recent years however, the legislature has acted to begin “corralling” most environmental laws into a smaller number of pertinent locations. 

In Texas, the majority of environmental criminal statutes are found under Chapter 7, Subchapter E, of the Texas Water Code. The statutes dealing with illegal dumping of solid waste are found under Chapter 365 of the Health and Safety Code. Be aware that for repeat offenders, Chapter 365 provides for enhancements to the next highest penalty range and possible forfeiture of the vehicle used for the illegal dumping

A handy list of the elements of environmental crimes, penalties and proper citations for those crimes is available on the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) website.