Fees and Applications

Most applications can be submitted by mail, email, or in-person along with any required information.

Inspection Requests

  • Link to eTrakit online permitting of single trade permits by registered contractors. If validating, please call our office at (972) 721-2371, since there is no fee to validate. If you don't have a password/PIN, please give us a call.
  • Email inspection requests to irving-permits@cityofirving.org
  • Include the permit number, address, and type of inspection.
  • Inspection requests must be received before 4:30 p.m. for next business day.

Automated request system (Irving Building Inspection System (IBIS))

  • Automated phone system to schedule inspections and make payments for permits
  • Phone: (972) 721-3774
  • Cut-off time to schedule inspections is 6 a.m. the day of the inspection
  • Permit payments can also be made but you must have the permit number ready
  • IBIS Brochure (PDF) -- Inspection codes for the automated phone system




  • Contractor’s Registration Form (PDF)
    Required for concrete, electrical, fence, house moving, irrigation, mechanical (HVAC), plumbing, signs, fuel tank installation, general contractors, and apartment maintenance workers (plumbing and mechanical work).
  • Annual Outdoor Parking Lot
    Required for the outdoor parking of vehicles whereas parking is permitted upon payment. Permits valid from Aug. 1 through Aug. 31 of the following year.
  • Antenna Permit
    Required for antenna mounted on buildings, existing towers or poles (co-locates).
  • Block Party
    Required for a temporary street closure for the purpose of conducting a neighborhood block party.
  • Certificate of Occupancy
    Required for any commercial space that will be occupied by a tenant.
  • Commercial Building Permit
    Required for commercial and multifamily (including triplex) remodel, finish-out, repairs, or additions; new buildings; commercial carports; parking lot striping; door locks; fire alarms, sprinklers, hydrants and fire lanes; fuel tanks; tents and canopies; temporary use permits; construction/sales trailers (for office use); pools, fire repairs; demolitions; retaining walls over 30" tall; commercial swimming pools; modular buildings; re-roofing and other projects.
  • Earthwork and Tree Removal Permit
    Required to remove protected trees or to fill, grade, or excavate property.
  • Food Manager
    Application to register with the City of Irving as a State of Texas Certified Food Manager.
  • Fence Permit
    Required to erect a new fence or repair an existing one.
  • Health Permit
    Application for a health plan review and food, mobile food units, childcare, and nursing home permits.
  • Health Temporary Food Event Permit
  • House Moving Permit
    Required to move any building or structure over 8 feet wide within or through the city.
  • New Antenna Tower Permit
    Required for a new telecommunication tower with antenna.
  • Residential Building Permit
    Required for a residential remodel, new construction or addition; carport; retaining walls over 30" tall; swimming pools, spas or hot tubs; accessory buildings; fire repair; duplex, or townhouse repair, remodel, or addition; mobile home set up, stairs; patio covers; decks over 30" above grade, paving / flatwork; driveway approaches; or foundation repair.
  • Sign Permit ; Sign Affidavit
    Required for any sign or banner; affidavit required for any electronic sign
  • Sign Variance Application
    For any variance to the sign ordinance and for digital signs or displays.
  • Single Trade Permit (PDF) 
    For compliance with any electrical, mechanical (hvac), plumbing, and residential roofing work
  • Temporary Use Permit – Restaurants with Alcoholic Beverages
    City Council approval required. Required when a food establishment desires to hold a special event in which they will serve alcohol outside of their normal RAB zoning limits.