Summer Aquatics

Late Summer Schedules Adjusted for City Aquatic Facilities

Each year, the City of Irving’s summer pools and outdoor aquatic centers are staffed by college and high school students. With the new school year approaching, a number of these students will be ending their employment to prepare for their return to the classroom. As a result, the city will follow a modified operational schedule at its seasonal aquatic centers and pools throughout the end of the summer aquatics season to ensure the safety of all patrons.

Facilities closed for the season on Aug. 13:

  • Lee Park Pool
  • Lively Park Pool
  • Senter Park Pool

Seasonal facilities open through Sept. 3:

  • Cimarron Family Aquatic Center (Saturday-Sunday only)
  • Northwest Spray Park
  • Southwest Spray Park
  • West Irving Aquatic Center (Saturday-Sunday only)
Dad and baby play at an Irving spray park.

Seasonal Pools and Aquatic Centers