Exam Registration

The first step in the application process for Police Officer is to register for the exam.  To register click on the link below.


The next civil service test will be in July 28, 2018 at 8am.  It will be held at Macarthur High School, 3700 N Macarthur Blvd Irving, TX 75062.  The fitness test will follow the civil service test.  You may wear PT clothes to the civil service test.  The test will be graded on-site.  If you pass the civil service test you will take the PT test afterwards.
  *We are still working off the list of candidates from the March 24, 2018 list. 
 You can wear FITNESS clothes to the civil service test because of the PT test after.  All other phases of the process after that date you will be required to wear business attire.    

You will need a valid email to sign up for the civil service test.  We will be sending emails to you after you register about the test date and any updates after you sign up around mid-July.  Please check your spam account because this is a mass email that is sent out.

  Personal History Statement
Applicants are encouraged to start collecting the information needed for the Personal History Statement (PHS) located in the Applications section.

For questions about the Police Civil Service Test call 972-721-3795 or 972-721-3512