Additions and Improvements

Additions and Improvements
Other recent additions and improvements to enhance policing and enforcement efforts include, but are not limited to:
  • The purchase of tasers, associated training and deployment for use in use by patrol officers and specialized units of the department has been accomplished.
  • 12-hour shifts have been implemented and are being effectively utilized in patrol.
  • Manpower and equipment has been allocated to staff a full-time DWI unit.
  • The department is in the process of enhancing security in and around the Criminal Justice Center through funding from the Department of Homeland Security.
Property Room
The property room was remodeled in 2002. Among other things, a wall was knocked down creating one large room out of two. A new Tactical Armory was built, and the drug counter was moved creating more office space. In the property storage area, a moveable (rolling) storage system was installed allowing for a very efficient use of space and increasing existing capacity.

New Chief
October of 2004 brought a new chief to the department as Lowell Cannaday retired; Larry Boyd became the Chief of the Irving Police Department after serving 22 years with the Arlington Police Department where he had worked his way through the ranks up to Assistant Chief. Prior to working with the Arlington force, Chief Boyd had started his law enforcement career at the Irving Police Department as a police officer.

Overview of Current Department
The Irving Police Department has a current strength of over 340 commissioned law enforcement officers, a civilian staff of over 190, an authorized reserve police force of 50, and 66 civilian School Crossing Guards helping the city’s school age children safely to and from school. The City of Irving covers approximately 67.67 square miles and has a growing population estimated at more than 228,000 citizens. Our past hard work and planning continues to show positive results, and we stand poised to meet the future and its challenges head-on with a positive attitude and professionalism. Whatever challenges tomorrow might bring, the members of this department and the citizens of this community know they can count on each other to find the best solutions. As time goes on, the department continues to make great strides in maintaining current successes and proactively establishing new goals.