Ms. Mature Irving Pageant

Meet our 2015 Ms. Mature Irving: Ora Reid

Ora Reid was born in Italy, Texas, a bustling Central Texas metropolis of 1,863 people.  After being a career woman for a period of time, and having served in the United States Navy, Ora married Oakley Reid and raised four beloved daughters. She has enjoyed being a grandmother of seven and a great-grandmother of ten.  Ms. Reid is very proud of her family.  Despite, or maybe to spite her age, Ora remains active wherever she is.  She has resided in five different retirement communities/nursing homes over the past few years and has stayed busy as a volunteer at each of them.  Ora loves meeting new people and being able to help improve her community.  Serving as Ms. Mature Irving 2015 is unexpected for Ora, but she’s loving it!  Attending events, parades and representing Irving is something she really enjoys. Ora Reid is proud and happy to be wearing the crown and sash for the Irving Heritage Senior Center.

ongratulations, Ora!
Ms. Mature Irving 2015
About the Pageant
This program is sponsored by the Heritage Senior Center of the City of Irving Parks and Recreation Department. The Ms. Mature Irving Pageant strives to showcase the talents of senior citizens. It is our goal to demonstrate the worth of the senior citizen to the community, and to choose someone "young at heart" to represent the City of Irving at official functions.

This is a beauty contest held every autumn in which the beauty of the spirit is celebrated. The pageant is multi-ethnic, and city wide. You can register through any of the city recreation centers throughout the city. Ms. Mature Irving is a pageant for women age 60 and older. The pageant consists of three categories: personality, talent, and evening wear. We have always enjoyed terrific community support from city officials, area merchants, and civic groups.

The event's goal is to create greater awareness of the worth of Irving's senior women, and also to promote a positive image of our seniors. We would be honored to have ladies from organizations all over the City of Irving, to participate in this year’s pageant. There will be some work, but rest assured that there is also fun.

If you would like to know more about the pageant or about the Heritage Senior Center, please contact Pat Davenport, at (972) 721-2496 or by email.

The Pageant's History
Linda Spencer and Cindy Jones founded the Ms. Mature Irving Pageant in 1982. The first pageant was held at the senior center. Assistant Parks and Recreation Director Bill Thompson served as the emcee. The idea caught on and a great institution was born! In 1983, the pageant moved to the Buena Vista Theater, now known as the Theater In The Commons, and was held there for the next six years. When the Irving Arts Center opened in 1990, the Carpenter Theater became the home to the Ms. Mature Irving Pageant.

Many exciting things have happened during the run of the pageant. In 1990, the Ms. Mature Irving had the privilege of using the Ms. America Pageant stage set. The largest part of the set involved a huge staircase, which our ladies navigated beautifully. One contestant, Vivian Martin-Kleinwachter, was performing a roller-skating routine as her talent. She descended the stairs on her roller skates! At the 1992 pageant, a young girl singer from the Johnny High Music Revue performed. Her name was Leanne Rimes.

Senior Pageant Legacy
Based on the example of the Ms. Mature Irving Pageant, many other senior pageants have come to life. Pageants in San Angelo, San Antonio, Abilene, and Corpus Christi have been founded, as well as the state pageant itself. Our representatives have performed admirably, with Vivian Kleinwachter winning the state pageant in 1991 as well as winning the talent competition in the national pageant. We celebrate over 34 years of honoring senior ladies. All of the Ms. Matures have been examples of what is best in senior women. These lovely ladies are vital members of the community with a lot to contribute. It is our hope that we will continue showcasing them throughout the 21st Century and beyond.